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In many Asian countries, tea culture is important. By tasting tea, people think about the meaning of life, just like in reading. Savoring tea is not only a way to tell the good tea from the mediocre one, but also a way people take delight in their reverie and in tea-drinking itself. 

   As the Chinese saying goes, "the perfect cup is that leaving 70% of space for tea, and 30% of space for your heart." When a host serves tea for his guests, he usually pours about 70% of a full cup, because it is not respectful enough if the tea is too little or too much. It symbolizes the human relationship in action as shown in the Chinese tea culture. Tat is, when saying or doing something, we have a tendency to remain moderate and leave some margin.
    In the design of this cup, the typical shape of the internal surface gives the water level a different shape. When there is about 70% of tea, it will be a full circle, which means perfection or harmony in the Chinese culture.

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